Hello Everyone, welcome to my little space known as SimplyEvahXO. I have always been that student in class who over thought what to say about themselves the first day of class, after all first impressions matter right? I feel like this about me is just that so lets hope my first impression of myself to all of you is a good one!

      My name is Eva (Evah), partner, daughter, sister, fur mommy, and godmother. I am 22 years of age currently on my last semester of college at California State University Stanislaus. My major is Kinesiology with a concentration in Health and Wellness Promotion, with a minor in Psychology.  I was born and still live in California, live in the central valley of California, but travel all over California. I love to spend my weekends exploring the Bay Area with my significant other. I also love: reading on my spare time, walking Lacey (Lase) (my Maltese/poodle fur baby), spending loads of time with my family and friends, exploring the coastal side of California, baking, anything fashion, cafes, and shopping! No seriously I am a shopaholic and those who know me well know I live up to a shopaholic standard.

       I started this blog because family and friends kept encouraging me to do so due to my passion for fashion, personally I have always wanted to have a blog.  I have always had a passion for fashion (really), styling more so than designing! I use my style as a way to self-express myself. They also are constantly asking me about places I visit and want to visit, so I figuired the best way to share my travel experiences is through the form f my very own blog. My goal for this blog is that it becomes a well-rounded blog, that consists of things I am truly passionate about. Those things being: fashion, healthy living/fitness (after all I am a KINS major), DIYs, hair and makeup, and maybe more. I want my blog to be more than just a fashion blog, I want it to inspire individuals who stumble upon it to better themselves and push themselves to new levels they thought were impossible. With that being said WELCOME to SimplyEvahXO. I hope you all enjoy and if you have any questions, comments, or concerns please don’t hesitate to leave a comment. Have a WONDERFUL day lovelies.


What camera do you use and who takes your pictures?

I use a Nikon D3200 check out my blog post Sea, Sweets, &Surprises for a direct link. Now it’s time to give credit where credit is due! That is my amazing and loving photographer, Runil. He is the man behind all my shots. We are no experts, when it comes to photography, but we are learning slowly but surely.

Where did your blog name come from?

My blog name came out of the nowhere in all honesty, just like my blog. My best friend and I were brainstorming on possible names as I was creating it and then BAM, “SimplyEvahXO,” came to mind. Why simply? Well because it’s simple, this blog is simply me, all realness of me! Why Evah and not Eva? Because everyone mispronounces my name so I decided to emphasize the correct form of pronunciation hehe. Lastly why XO? I am all about spreading the LOVE, hugs and kisses, I have always loved “XO
as a part of my usernames. Also because I am obsessed with gossip girl, “XOXO gossip girl.”

        -XOXO, SimplyEvahXO

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