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Ten Christmas Traditions



            Hello Lovlies and Happy Sunday! WOW, one week until Christmas y’all, now that is crazy time just keeps flying by am I right? I think I have noticed that as I get older, time seems to just fly by me. Any who I am very excited to share today’s post because I am talking all about our Christmas traditions that Runil and I have. Along the six Christmas’s we have been blessed to spend together, we have created many new and added classic traditions into our Holiday season.


Our ♥ Ten Christmas♥ Traditions:

             The very first tradition we created began back in 2012, when we first started dating it was actually our VERY first Christmas together, we exchanged ornaments. We decided to begin this tradition to one day be able to tell a story from each ornament on our tree, therefore each ornament we exchange each year has a special meaning behind it. This is by far my favorite tradition we have together!

 The second tradition we have is the exchange of a Christmas Eve-Eve’s box, while most people do Christmas Eve boxes we do Eve-Eve’s because our family celebrates Christmas on Christmas Eve. Therefore we get our quite Christmas time the day before Christmas Eve, which works perfect for our Christmas Eve-Eve’s box exchange. In this box we usually include some Christmas Eve-Eve’s essentials these include, but are not limited to the following: cozy PJ’s, hot cocoa mix, marshmallows, candy, mug, Christmas movie, Christmas CD, Lush bath bombs, cozy socks, and other items along those lines. Y’all get the point I am sure, I love this tradition too because it allows us to slow down and enjoy that SPECIFIC Holiday moment together. After all you all know by experience that the Holidays can be very stressful and hectic, giving you know time to relax and actually enjoy.

 The third tradition we have is Christmas baking together and creating our gingerbread house, I love this one A LOT as well because like the box it allows you to enjoy the MOMENT.  It’s A LOT of fun because we work together to create something festive and delicious, I also love it because we get a little competitive with each other.

The fourth tradition we have is to visit the city during the Christmas time and again it’s all about slowing down time and enjoying the Holiday season together. We love to go to the city [SF] during the Christmas time, to see all the lights, trees, and well Holiday decor. It’s the most wonderful time of the year and perfect time to enjoy a date in the city.

   The fifth tradition we have is picking out a fresh Christmas Tree and decorating it along with the whole house, this we love doing! It’s a classic tradition for most families am I right?

  The sixth tradition we have is ice-skating either at our local rink at the Farm or one that is up in the mountains.

 The seventh tradition we have is our holiday pictures we take for our yearly Christmas card. I love this tradition because we see the change in ourselves overtime and well it’s fun to just go out and do a shoot together!

The eighth tradition we have is going to see Deacon Dave’s Light Show, which you know it’s only 577k lights on ONE house and that number of lights increases each year. This tradition we have adjusted over the years, these last two years we have taken my god kids and younger cousins to see this light show.

     ♥The ninth tradition we have we actually just began this year, which is to do more local Holiday events such as the lighting of the tree, christmas parade, festival of lights, Christmas farmer’s market, and so forth.

         The tenth tradition we have is to take time to help the less fortunate in any sort of form we can, as well as making sure to thank God for all our blessings. This tradition is very important to us because not only does it humble us, but it also reminds us of what really is important in life. We love doing this because we love to see the excitement in those in the reviving end, filled with joy and excitement! The Holiday season to us has a lot of meaning, but the most important meaning it holds is that it’s the season of giving to those that are in need.

           Well lovelies, hope our ten Christmas/Holiday traditions have inspired you to begin some of your own. Although we have many, many more traditions Runil and I decided to share these ten traditions, because they are our favorite ones of them all! Hope you all enjoy this week before Christmas, make sure to take time to enjoy the moment, spread joy, and spread Holiday cheer. Oh and remember the BEST way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear!


Until next blog post lovelies! 🙂

-XOXO, SimplyEvahXO♥

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  1. Sandra

    Loved reading your Christmas traditions. How fun that you guys have these together. 🎄😍

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