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The Season of Giving

      Hello lovelies, hope you are all doing well on this cold November night. We are finally hitting the peak of our Fall season near my neck of the woods and I am enjoying every moment of it. I feel very blessed to see all the beauty nature has to give to us. We are officially in Holiday mode, but most importantly we have entered what I like to call, “The Season of Giving.” I have to say I am very grateful and blessed for all that God has given and provided me with, unfortunately not all individuals on this Earth are in this situation. This is why during this time I like to not only make sure to Thank God, but pray for those individuals and take some type of action by helping out my community. My point in this short rant was make sure to take time out of this season to be Thankful and help out if possible. I know sometimes we all might feel like we are fighting one HUGE battle with life, but when you take a step back to analyze your life you realize how blessed you really are for all the little things God has given you and that everyone is fighting their own battles’ big or small. In other words, count your blessings. Alright now lets get to talking about this look, I wanted to not only share my thoughts about this season, but also outfit inspiration for Thanksgiving, after all it’s ONE week away EXACTLY! Crazy right?! Well you still have enough time to order this dress, which is currently 40% off and I have linked it down below as well as some other picks. I am completely obsessed with this dress, it is perfect for Thanksgiving dinner. How do I know it’s perfect for Thanksgiving dinner you might ask yourself. Well because when I shop for my outfit for Thanksgiving I always keep these three crucial factors in mind:



                                                                                                             3.Detailing {to make it seem like I put in the effort for the outfit haha}

Well lovelies, hope this outfit serves as inspiration to go out and give during this wonderful season. Oh and of course that it serves as outfit inspiration for the Holiday Season!


-Make sure to shop my look up above-

                                                                                                      Until next blog post lovelies! 🙂

-XOXO, SimplyEvahXO


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