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Blogger Friends?

                         Hello Lovelies, hope you are all doing well on this lovely Wednesday! Lucky me I got to sleep in little, because my car was getting my car serviced. So I got to enjoy a cute little Fall morning at home, which was very nice. Every so often I feel like we all need some peace and quiet in the morning and that was just what I got today. I woke up made myself a cup of coffee had breakfast and watered my plants. After that I added some pumpkins to our front porch decor to make it look more festive. Lastly I was able to enjoy some hot cocoa and watched one of my favorite Halloween movie Hocus Pocus! Then I was off to actually Adult for the day [a.k.a run errands and work].

Blogger Friends?

            Anywho for today’s post I wanted to share my experience thus far on making friends in this blogging industry. As many of you know [especially my fellow bloggers reading this] the blogging industry has grown VERY much since day one, so it can be very intimidating coming into a big ocean like this and not knowing anyone at all. I recall finally having the courage to start my blog and feeling like a fish out of water, not knowing any other bloggers or how to connect with them. I then decided to just try to follow and comment on some somewhat local bloggers on Instagram. I thought perhaps they might not reply due to my small following number then [&still haha]. I was completely wrong, since then I have learned how amazing this industry is! Like all industries it is a business, but what I love about it [at least from my experiences] is that it’s a very welcoming community that is all about supporting one another. After all without bloggers supporting other bloggers, how would non-bloggers support bloggers, get me? I recall commenting on Michelle’s  also known as Missmisschelle on Instagram, she was the sweetest and most encouraging blogger ever. To this day we still make time out of our busy schedules to plan a shoot or just chit-chat, whether it’s 30 minutes or a few hours, we make the best out of it. From Missmisschelle I also met another sweet blogger known as Thy.Time, which again like Michelle is very supportive when it comes to blogging. So shout out to this two lovely Boss Babes! I strongly believe that the blogging community is such kind-hearted one, I mean yes it has its flaws [you also meet some not so nice people] but that’s just how the world is. I am a strong believer in whatever vibes you set out is what you receive. Through blogging you also create groups or tribes as some call them. When I began blogging, I was invited to one, in which all our following range was about the same. It was awesome to exchange ideas and support one another, to this day I still support the ladies from the tribe that continued with blogging. I mean, it’s a learning experience and I am still learning about this industry as I slowly grow. Well lovelies hope you all enjoyed me sharing my experience and it helped any of those thinking of starting a blog!

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Necklace-  Soufeel

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Booties- Dolcetta [linked similar ones down below]




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                                                                                                      Until next blog post lovelies! 🙂

-XOXO, SimplyEvahXO


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