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Fall Picnic Date Essentials


             Hello lovelies, hope you are doing well, after all it’s  FRIYAY! Lets  just take a moment to squeal, why, you may ask. Well because only ONE more WEEK until Autumn OFFICIALLY begins. Like y’all my excitement is out of this world. I was so excited to finally share this post with you lovelies, I’ve waited a year to share this post haha. So last year my love and I went up to Apple Hill, California during October to get some chase the fall foliage and have a little fall picnic date. Setting up, this picnic was definitely a two-way deal, after all team work makes the dream work!

          During the fall time I am all about getting outdoors, going on long walks to coffee shops, and just watching the leaves turn. So I encourage each and every one of you reading this post to take time this fall, enjoy time with your loved ones. Stop and watch the leaves turn, if only for a few minutes, sometimes we all get caught up in our fast paced world. I know I do! After all balancing work, blogging, shoots, and spending time with my loved ones is not as easy as it looks, but I love doing it ALL! Somehow in the midst, of balancing all that I need to remind myself to slow things down. By slowing things down last year, I was able to enjoy a lovely picnic with Runil in Apple Hill, which was AMAZING. I can’t wait to go back this year and do it again.

Let’s Talk Fall Picnic Essentials…

1. Cozy Blanket or Blanket Scarf

2.Seasonal Fruit [we went with grapes, pears, and apples!]

3.Finger Food [such as this wine snack plate we got or how we like to call it.. Adult Lunchables haha!]

4.Sandwhiches or Bagels 

5. Dessert [we went with pie, fresh from the farm and some chocolate.]

6.WINE [for a romantic ambiance 😉 ]

7. Your significant other or family!




Well lovelies hope you all enjoyed this post! Until next one, have a fabulous weekend.

-XOXO, SimplyEvahXO








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