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           Hello Lovlies, hope you are all having an amazing Thursday! So for today’s post I will be resuming where I left off from my last post! Which if you have not yet read, then PAUSE and go read Tuesdays’s post first. Trust me it will all make sense if you read that post, before this one.

                         Read Tuesday’s post?


  Yes, okay keep reading to see what was our final blogging day mission was with blogger babe Missmisschelle.



               Our final mission for this blogging day was the fairly known swing overlooking the Golden Gate and SF, yup Kirby Cove. I had previously visited this discreet location easier this year in January, because well come on I wouldn’t be Eva if I didn’t visit this great location. I mean how does it get any better, beach, swing, golden gate, city view, and of course good company! Missmisschelle and I were on a mission to get to Kirby Cove before the lighting got a little darker, after all we didn’t have much of the sunlight left. This hike was a total of .8 miles, but because of the steep down and up hill hike it seems a little longer. I would personally say this hike is fairly easy, compared to past hikes I have done. Like I mentioned what makes the .8 mile one way difficult is it is a slight steep down hill hike. Can I just add, that no on the actual hike I was not dressed like I am pictured in these photos, those of you who follow me on Snapchat got a BTS on this day, lets just say the struggle was real! It was a beautiful San Fransisco day don’t get me wrong, but the wind oh man the wind was something else. Bloggers gotta do what bloggers gotta do to discover and shoot at amazing locations, am I right ? Well that goes for everyone, not only bloggers, sometimes the best locations are the hardest to get to.  And the actual process of getting to the location is even better and easier when you go with a great group of people which we did, therefore it was an overall amazing experience. The overall location of the swing is easy to find, once you get down to the actual beach area, after passing the campground area, you’ll see the swing to your far left side of the beach, I am yet to find the cove that is said to be here, next time I definitely will!  Missmisschelle and Simplyevahxo crossed hiking together to do a shoot of the list for sure, always an adventure with Missmisschelle.




      Photo Credit: Missmisschelle

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             Our hike back to our car, was definitely beautiful, like I said it was a beautiful day for San Fransisco! Karl the Fog was not covering the city this night, so we were able to take a peak at this view, shown in the pictures!


               Well lovelies, hope you all enjoyed this post! Make sure to check out blogger babes Missmisschelle blog for some great posts! Until next time lovelies. Have a wonderful weekend.

-XOXO, SimplyEvahXO





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