Hawk Hill ft Ketsourine Macaron



                  Hello lovelies, hope you are doing well on this lovely day! For today’s post I will be sharing my recent trip to the city, which involved a pit stop at my favorite macaron shop, Ketsourine Macaron, for some delicious macaron ice creams! Yes you read that correct, macaron ice cream! I mean just look at that picture, mouth-watering* as I stare at it haha. So there was also one more blogger who joined me on this trip, any guesses? If you guessed the amazing Missmisschelle, then you are correct!


               We were on a bloggie blog mission this day to take photos at amazing locations of the city. First stop like I said, pick up delicious macaron ice creams. Second stop, which was 40 minutes away from Ketsourine Macaron, was Hawk Hill overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge and SF.  Missmisschelle and I were determined to take awesome photos of our macaron ice creams at our first location Hawk Hill and I think we succeeded with our first mission! Wondering what other location we went to and/or what our final mission for this blogging day was? Stay tuned for the next post hehe.


               The struggles were real this day, trying to look effortlessly as I tried  posing for a photo, in a harsh wind. Why I had my hand on my hat you might think to pose for the photo, NOPE! It was to try to keep my hat from flying off, haha the struggles of being a blogger are REAL sometimes. I love it though, I have learned over the few months of blogging that you can’t control the external environment when shooting, although it might be frustrating at times, it’s best to just try to go with it, sometimes those make for some GREAT pictures. Thank you lovey for that advice!



Outfit Details:

Top: Express/ Forever21

Leggings: Zella

Shoes: Guess

Hat: Express

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                         Hope you all enjoyed this short and sweet post, hope it served as some inspiration to get out and explore! Until next post my lovelies, well I will be sharing our final location of our SF trip with Missmisschelle!

-XOXO, SimplyEvahXO





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What is one place you would like to visit next?


  1. Did you take these photos while Tony and I were finding parking?!?! LOL. Lovely outfit boo!!! <3 Thanks for the shoutout and I LOVE how your macaron pictures turned out!
    -Michelle Sun

    1. Eva

      Yes, it was when you both were still driving towards the location! Literally gave this 15minutes haha, the wind was not having it with me. Thank you 🙂

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