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Mission Casual: Get to Know SimplyEvahXO




                  Hello my lovelies! Hope you are all having a darling day, I am very VERY excited to share today’s blog post (EXTRA excited) because I am doing my very first Q&A, since I started blogging I have recieved so many questions to why I began my blog, about myself, and well so many more. So I thought why not create a Q&A. I was going to have my fellow peers, readers, and/or followers send in questions, but I decided to create my own and answer the most frequent asked questions (I’ll save that for another post). So aside from this being just your usual Q&A post I decide to do a little twist to it, I will also be sharing pictures from my trip to Old Mission San Juan Bautista, a very random pit stop we took on our way back home from the coast. It’s always those unplanned detours that end up being the best part of a day trip, am I right? Well lovelies I hope you enjoy the photos, now let’s get started by answering some questions!


1.Why did you start blogging and how did you come up with “SimplyEvahXO?”

          Well I started this small creative outlet, to share with others the places I visit, things I do, and what I am loving the most at the current moment. Before SimplyEvahXO was launched, I would get asked how I found certain places I would visit, where I would get my style inspiration or certain products, what are the best places to visit in Northern California, and so forth. It was in February of this year that I finally built up the courage to create my creative outlet, with a little loving push from my loved ones SimplyEvahXO was created.

Well how did I come up with my blog name, SimplyEvahXO, haha that is a FANTASTIC question. Where is my Best Friend Leslie, when I need her, I say that because she helped me create it. It was a random February evening at Starbucks, we were brainstorming possible blog names and BAM it hit me like a ton of bricks (figuratively of course, because in reality that would be extremely painful haha)! “Simply” well because it’s Simply me, “Evah” because it’s my name I added the “ah” due to many people not pronouncing my name correctly, and lastly “XO” because obvi hugs and kisses to you all and well because I am a big fan of Gossip Girl let’s be real! 


2.What’s your degree in?

            I graduated this year from CSU Stanislaus FUN FACT: Stanislaus was ranked number 2 within the CSU system, GO WARRIORS! Okay back to answering the question my field of study is Kinesiology with a concentration in health and wellness promotion and a minor in Psychology (well that’s a mouthful). I plan to pursue a Master’s degree, which is TBD so stay tuned, this girl has big plans!

3.Aside from blogging what do you do?

        Umm.., I just BLOG, EAT, &REPEAT! Just kidding, I will be perusing a job opportunity that involves helping kids. I would give more details, but let’s be real we all need some privacy am I right?

4. Who takes your Photos?

Lovie!! My one and only other half, Mr. Singh, have to give credit where credit is due! We are no Pro’s, but we are slowly learning.


5.Are you more of a coffee or alcohol drinker?

             HELLO both! Again kidding haha, in all seriousness I am not an alcohol drinker, it’s really a rare occasion to see me drinking alcohol. I am more of a coffee or tea type of gal in all honesty. 

6.Favorite song?

       I have so many currently obsessed with more than one though! So here they are: Wildfire by John Mayor, Humble and Kind by Tim McGraw, and Say My Name Ft. Zyra-Big Wild Remix. Currently creating my fall playlist on my Spotify and these are definitely on that playlist, feel free to follow me my username is eortega8.xo,

7.Favorite Season?

FALL!! Also winter, but mainly Autumn for many reasons! Fall tag Q&A coming soon, um hello YES!

8.Favorite place to visit in Northern California?

HMB-Half Moon Bay, that is for sure!


9.Lipstick or Lipgloss?

Lipstick all the way!

10.Are you a morning or night person?

             I want to say I am a morning person, because I love waking up early and being productive at early hours. Lets be real though the struggle of waking up early is still REAL &STRONG for this gal.

11.Do you have any pets?

            I sure do have one crazy little pup, that’s not much of a puppy anymore, named Lacey. I call her Lacey the lion, because she truly thinks she is a lion. She is a Maltese poodle 


12.Statment piece in your closet that describes you.

Midi skirts for the WIN!!

13.Flats, sandals, boots, or heels?

All of the above, come on I am a style blogger I love them all haha, well if I had to chose I would go for heels of course!

14.Favorite flower?

I have two! Peonies and roses of course.

15.What or Who motivates you?

My loved ones, no doubt about it!


     Well lovelies, hope you all loved my very first Q &A. I also hope you got to learn a little about the gal behind SimplyEvahXO, uhmm that being me haha. Well have a great day lovelies, until next blog post.

-XOXO, SimplyEvahXO

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