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Ketsourine Macaron Tea Time with Missmisschelle




                  Hello lovelies, hope you’re all having a fabulous day. Today’s blog post I will be switching up gears from my usual post and doing more of a lifestyle post. Anyone else struggle from taking some time off, whether it’s from work, social media, or anything that keeps you busy from living life. I know sometimes I get overwhelmed with work, keeping up with my blog/social media, and also researching possible grad school programs. This can all become very stressful and overwhelming at times for me, but when it comes to the weekend I know most of the times I can get a breather. Although at times I might have a fully booked weekend with things to shoot or do for my blog, I always try to find some time just to breathe and reflect on what really matters in life. In this case I took a breather off of my busy schedule to enjoy some tea time at my favorite Bay Area Macaron shop, Ketsourine Macaron.



       I also took advantage to catch up on some PokemonGo, no joke I become addicted sporadically with this game. So since I knew Ketsourine Macaron had several Pokemon’s to catch, I thought why not! Let’s just say after I opened the app it was a little tough to close it and not play it. So for all you PokemonGo fans make sure to stop by Ketsourine Macaron to enjoy some macarons and catch Pokemon’s. Trust me I wasn’t the only one catching Pokemon’s blogger babe Missmisschelle and I went a little crazy catching them haha, one of the many reasons I love hanging out with this girl!



Aside from playing PokemonGo, I made sure to take time out of a busy blogging/shooting saturday to enjoy Tea Time. Sometimes a few macarons and a tea-pot of decadent tea, just instantly minimize any stress, I mean espically if it is at Ketsourine Macaron let’s be real we all know my addiction with this place is REAL. Whether it’s enjoying dessert at your favorite shop, getting a massage, pampered, shopping, going out-of-town, taking a walk, hiking, or whatever it maybe just don’t forget to do it when you have the chance to! And even if you don’t think you have time, make it. One can always find a way, “where there is a will  there is a way,” can I get an AMEN! Disconnect from social media and reconnect with your loved ones and yourself, this is crucial for living a happy life. Always remember to not get caught up with what stresses you, stop and reevaluate what you could be doing better to not stress as much and well DO IT. For example for me the last year of college was quite stressful due to loads of homework and working. I stopped and thought to myself, what can I do to help me get through this, the answer for me was BLOGGING, so I DID IT. Currently like I mentioned, work can become very stressful for me, so I tend to enjoy time with my loved ones or get out-of-town when I can. I make sure to leave work at work, I feel like it is common for individuals get consumed by their jobs, which could potentially become unhealthy if they are unhappy with their job. So always make sure to enjoy your life outside of work, work is only your life if you want it to become your life!


Outfit Details:

Top: Express

Skirt: Charloette Russe

Shoes: Express

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         Who else might’ve joined me to distress you might ask? Blogger Babe Missmisschelle, I have learned over time that surrounding yourself with people who share similar interest or have your best interest in mind, only make days like these ten times better. In other words positive minds attracts positive vibes! It’s always nice to interact with another person, who in this case shares blogging as a common passion. Missmisschelle always has the right words to say if I have to unstress a couple of issues I have had that attire with blogging, one thing I love is that she always gives you the most positive advice. Thanks girl, for all you do to help me better myself for my blog and for myself! I love how we can talk about anything and laugh it off. For instance my sinking boat, haha long story short we were all enjoying stow boat lake on a paddle boat (Michelle and my friend Andrea used) and row-boat (Runil and I used) and our row-boat almost sank! It was a little scary, but after all was said and done we all laughed it off haha. Surrounding yourself with people who get out of their comfort zone and try new activities, well definitely make you feel less stressed, because most of those times you try new activities you’ll probably experience something that will later on become a hilarious story you can laugh back at. And you know what they say about laughter, it helps distress.




        Well lovelies that is all for this blog post, hope you all enjoyed this post helped you in some shape, way , or form. Don’t forgot to just take time to breathe and enjoy life, even in those stressful moments life throws at you! Until next blog post my lovelies.


-XOXO, SimplyEvahXO

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What do you like to do to distress?




  1. Hehe awww this blog post was so cute to read!!! Love how you mentioned the sinking boat story LOL. Cute pictures and yep, that PokemonGO addiction is too real 😉 Cannot wait to visit KM again with you soon!

    1. Eva

      Had so much fun that day! Super excited for next Saturday 🙂

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