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          Hello lovelies, hope you are all doing wonderful. For today’s post I will be talking all about Eyemimo San Francisco beauty products. I had the pleasure of actually meeting the founder Jenny Permanasari. of the company at blogger babes’ Missmisschelle’s KM birthday bash. I was able to ask a several questions about the company, their products, and much more. I am all about supporting local beauty companies, so when asked to review their products I was definitely very ecstatic about doing so.


What is Eyemimo’s Mission?

        Let me just start off by saying, Eyemimo has one beautiful message behind their mention! Like many awesome  beauty companies Eyemimo aims to empower women around the globe through beauty. The difference between Eyemimo and those other beauty companies you might ask, aside from their unique and cute logo, well they aim to unite women around the globe strongly believing that beauty comes from the inside and then will reflect outside. Eyemimo products don’t aim to change a women’s beauty, they aim to enhance their natural beauty and features. Well said Eyemimo, well said! To read more about the history of Eyemimo feel free to check them out here.


What Beauty Products Do They Offer?

           Starting off with only offering the amazing quality and not to mention the best false lashes, Eyemimo has evolved and keeps doing so as to what they offer their beauty shoppers. Eyemimo currently offers products such as nail polish, eyeshadow, false lashes, eyelash extensions, individual lashes, mineral make up, eyeliner, and beauty tools.


Eyemimo Eyeshadow Palette (eyeshadow not included):

I was very excited that you have this option when shopping with Eyemimo, you can purchase your palette and then purchase which ever eyeshadow you would like to include in your palette. Therefore it won’t be a palette that was pre-made, in which you are less likely to like all the colors. This option gives you the freedom to purchase your favorite eyeshadow colors from Eyemimo.

Eyemimo Eyeshadows Chosen For My Palette:

1. Pink Love (Top left eyeshadow; light pink shade with glitter reflexes)

2.Milky (Top right; white milky matte shade)

3.Shine Star (Second row left side; light purple with glitter reflexes)

4.Gold Dust (Second row right side; gold glitter shadow)

5.Brown Sugar (Bottom shadow; dark brown with gold reflects)


Beauty Tools:

              Well since I am not a Pro when it comes to applying false lashes, I thought it was only right to get a little helper tool from Eyemimo. I decided to go with the Eyelash Applicator, definitely recommend to any of you lovelies who have trouble applying false lashes.



Nail Polish:

                   A Perfect Rose, a very gorgeous red color, which I believe would be perfect for any skin color. I absolutely love Eyemimo nail polishes, I had tried one prior to receiving this one in the color “What is This?” and loved it! Also love how their quality is so amazing and HELLO their price ($5.50 each) is an AMAZING deal.


False Lashes:

1. #NTR31 (perfect for everyday use)

2. #NTR27 (perfect for weekends or big events)

Well lovelies hope you all enjoyed this post and that it was helpful in some shape, way, or form. Don’t forget to checkout Eyemimo for your next beauty shopping spree. Untill next blog post lovelies.

-XOXO, SimplyEvahXO

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