Endless Summer For Evah- Tips on How To: DIY Beach Picnic


        Hello Lovelies, hope you are all doing very well, I am super excited to share this cute DIY beach picnic post. Any of you lovelies, wondering how to spice up your beach picnic, if so keep reading to learn how to transform a plain beach picnic into a Pinterest worthy picnic. I had so much fun planning for this picnic and creating this picnic, it was an amazing experience for both Runil and I. Now let’s start discussing some important tips to creating your very own beach picnic, but remember this is not just any beach picnic it’s a Pinterest worthy picnic.


1. It all starts with a vision:

           Okay so some of you might understand how it all starts with a vision, while others might not. I am the type of individual who envisions how I want to create things, I am visionary so to speak (in some instances). After I picture how I want to create something I grab a notebook and write it down or draw it down, most of the time write it since I have poor sketching skills. I believe that when one visions how they want to create something, it is much easier to get it done, rather than just kind of having an idea without picturing your own set up.


2.Get Inspired:

         This goes hand in hand with the first tip, on how to DIY a fun Beach picnic. Like I said it all starts with a vision, but now a little inspiration from social media helps.  For example for this DIY, I had seen a Youtuber Cassie Diamond also known as “ClayCupcakes4” create a “How to have Coachella at Home!” video. I had randomly stumbled upon her amazing DIY’s while looking for fun beach picnics, I was amazed on how in her video she created a tepee in a very inexpensive form. If you want to check out her take on creating a DIY teepee make sure to click here. After seeing how inexpensive her tepee was I decided to do my take on it and that was when I envisioned how I wanted this set up to look like.


4. Pick your theme:

            Now that you’ve had you envisioned your set up and got inspired, it’s time to choses your theme for your picnic. As for my theme I decided on somewhat of a pastel summer theme, incorporating white of course. Choosing a theme will help you when looking for decor or props you might want to include.


5. Make a list of items you need:

       This includes props, decor, snacks, essentials, and so forth. For creating the tepee you will need four pieces of wood. We purchased ours’ from The Home Depot for about 80 cents each. You will also need some sort of fabric, sheet, or tapestry to use as your tepee cover. We bought our sheer white fabric from Jo-Ann’s Fabric and Craft Store. You will also need a towel or sheet to set up as the base of the tepee set-up to sit down and enjoy the beach picnic. As for props, decor, and items I used for the set up here is a list: wood (4 pieces) for tepee, fabric for tepee, circle towel, throw blanket, throw pillows, wooden coasters, picnic basket, picnic cloth (checkered pattern), pineapple, wooden tray, succulent, Polaroid camera, twine, and two lanterns.


6. Focus on Details:

   It’s all about the small details that will help bring your DIY Beach picnic together, especially if you are creating this tepee. Adding some greenery to the set-up  will help bring life into the tepee, I did so with the succulent, pineapple, and fresh roses.




           Last and most important step to having an amazing Pinterest worthy beach picnic, is ENJOYING it. As much as you want to take a billion pictures of it, trust me I wanted to, set back and enjoy it. This is exactly what Runil told me to do after shooting for this post and it was my favorite part of this whole thing, being able to enjoy something him and I created. It was truly amazing, especially watching the sunset at the beach, listening to the waves crash and letting go of any worries,focusing on that current moment. So make sure to not skip this IMPORTANT step, enjoy!



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             Well Lovelies hope you all enjoyed this fun and easy DIY blog post. I had so much fun creating this DIY, it was well worth it. I encourage you all to recreate it, even if it’s not at the beach you can recreate this at a park, your own home, or backyard. Untill next blog post, have an amazing Tuesday lovelies.

-XOXO, SimplyEvahXO

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  1. Looks like such a fun way to spend a day at the beach! Way more glamorous then my trips lol
    xx, Lauren {}

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