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Hello Lovelies and happy Tuesday! Hope you all had a wonderful summer weekend, hopefully not a hot one. The Central Valley of California had a very heat filled weekend, luckily I was able to avoid the heat Saturday by attending blogger babe’s Missmisschelles’ Birthday Bash at Ketsourine Macaron, located in the Bay Area. Thank you Bay Area for your cool ocean breeze!  Also thank you Missmisschelle for inviting me and my plus one. So as you all know my obsession with Ketsourine Macaron is real, we all know this because well all the blog posts I have about their macarons. That should tell you lovelies something, that they have the BEST MACARONS! When I found out Missmisschelle was hosting her Birthday Bash at Ketsourine Macaron I was stoked, I can just imagine how the decor would look for her Birthday Bash. After RSVPing, I thought to myself WHAT DO I WEAR, typical blogger, I know. The theme for Missmisschelle was pastel colors, which I was all for. As you lovelies well notice from the pictures from Missmisschelle’s Birthday Bash was that it was a Girl’s Birthday Bash Dream, that turned into a reality. Seriously though lovelies, the set up of this event was too aesthetically pleasing to the eye, not to mention how picture worthy it was. Instagram worth umm, YES! #BirthdayBashGoals



          Missmisschelle event was filled with beautiful Pale Petals Classic blue boxed roses, so many of them she did a giveaway for two of her lucky guests. One of those lucky winners being me! I was so thrilled when she called my name, because as you lovelies know I am a big fan of Pale Petals as well. Also I was filled with joy, simply because I seriously never win any giveaway! So special thanks to Missmisschelle herself and Pale Petals, loved the arrangement of boxed roses.



So aside from having gorgeous Pale Petals all over the event, Missmisschelle also had a nail polish station! Yes you read that correct a nail polish station, in which you could also take a free nail polish of your choice and false lashes from Eyemimo. Amazing, ohhh girl I know it was! I was able to meet the owner of Eyemimo herself, who was so kind. I was also able to chat with her assistant, who helped me choose which false lashes would be the best fit for me. Overall one of my favorite part of this event would definitely be the Eyemimo station.





FOOD! YAS Girl Yesss! My favorite thing about this event, was the variety of vendors and food. The food was amazing, don’t even get me started girl, talk about sweets on sweets! Got my sweet-tooth fix at Missmisschelle’s Birthday Bash, no doubt about it. Missmisschelle had several vendors at her event such as pizza and appetizers from Blue Line Pizza, which was amazing. Other vendors for sweets included Emma’s DelightsPeter’s (All Natural) Kettle CornFranci Cakes, and of course Ketsourine Macaron.





So aside from all the amazing decor, aesthetically pleasing venue, and amazing food; my favorite part of being able to attend Missmisschelle’s Birthday Bash was being able to enjoy time with blogger babes I had already met and some new blogger babes. Being able to share the same passion and empower one another is what I love about this community I am in, attending this Birthday Bash only showed me how much more I love the blogging community. They are all so supportive of one another and I mean who doesn’t want to belong to such a positive community. Very blessed to have had the privilege to make new blogger friends and catch up with some as well. Throw kindness around like confetti, is exactly what was done at Missmisschelle’s Birthday Bash with all these amazing lovely ladies!  Make sure to follow them on social media and check out their blogs as well. ( Right Top: Simplyevahxo, Loherbz, Missxbo, Missmisschelle, Miss.ailovecia, loveeevan-Bottom Two: Thy.time &.


As for my outfit I decided to go with this gorgeous mint high neck dress from Charlotte Russe, which was only $10! As for my accessories I wore a couple of my Kate Spade bracelets ,as well as two of my favorite Alex and Ani bracelets. For earrings I wore (SURPRISE, SURPRISE) my classic Tory Burch studs. For my purse I decided on this gorgeous crossbody bag from Tory Burch with gold chain detailing. Lastly for shoes, I wore my crème white pumps from DSW. Overal loved this look it was very feminine, yet comfortable.


Also make sure to click on the icon below to sign up and begin shopping my looks lovelies. Here you’ll find direct links to my outfit details.




Well lovelies,  hope you enjoyed this blog post and enjoyed the beautiful pictures. Special thanks to my one and only lovely for taking all these gorgeous images.  Also special thanks to Missmisschelle for inviting me to celebrate her Birthday. Hope you all have a wonderful day lovelies, until next blog post.

-XOXO, SimplyEvahXO

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  1. Cutest party pictures ever!!! <3 Thank you so much for attending my birthday party and being such a supportive blogger babe and friend! 🙂 You always inspire me to make bigger and better posts! Cannot wait to show all of the party vendors this blog post <3

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