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Ten Easy& Fun Tips: To Planning Your Perfect Event


Well hello Lovelies, hope you are all having a great Wednesday! For today’s post I am sharing some photos from my Graduation /23rd Birthday Party, as well as some tips to planning your own party this summer!

                   First : The most important thing is finding the location for your event. I am a sucker for outdoor events and since we recently moved homes, our new home’s backyard was a perfect location for me. Once you have arranged or booked your location the next step is….drumroll please!


           Second: Choosing your theme! Pinterest was my best friend when it came to researching a theme for my party. So I know it’s somewhat of a tradition for a graduation party to go with school theme colors, but that was just not me. So I decided to go with wild flower Theme. For my wild flower theme my backyard background was perfect, because it is all green, all it needed was some cute decor, and of course lights for the perfect night-time venue!



       Third: Planning out what decor you would like for your party. I DIY most of the decor with the help of my lovely family members. For my decor I decided to mix artificial wild flowers with real wildflowers, as well as some bright fun summer colors, and lots of outdoor lighting.


Fourth: Creating your desert table, this is the fun part. I decided to buy colorful candy to put in cute jars I purchased from the dollar store. I also got some Oreos and dipped them in different colors of white chocolate. Also going along with the graduation theme of the party I added some diploma looking cookies and wrapped them with cute twine bow (got this idea from Pinterest).


Fifth: This step is optional, but I decided to create one. A hashtag for your event will make it easy to see all the pictures, after the event is over. It is also fun, especially if your friends and family are all about social media.



Sixth: Decorating your cake and gift table. As you can see form the pictures on my cake table I added a chalkboard with a quote along with a variety of wild flowers and for the gift table I DIY the card holder, added lights, and succulents to it.




Seventh: Adding random, but cute decor all around your event to bring the theme all together. Here you see the a flower garden bucket in which I added flowers, as well as some cute cups for my guest to take, drink, and keep.


Eighth: Add lots of lighting, small decor, and quotes to go along with your party. Near where we had the beverages I had to fun signs which I purchased from Target 5 dollar section and added artificial wild flowers to go along with my theme. I can’t stress this enough it’s all about details to help pull your theme together.


Ninth: Make backdrops and props for your guest to take cute Instagram pictures. For my party I had 3 different backdrops with different props to use. I had this white background with flower garlands all around which I loved, I also had the Congrats balloon hanging from the green pines as a background (first picture), and lastly I had a cut out picture frame which my guest could use as they please. For props I had the 23 balloons, flowers, and some gradation caps. All in all this was a major success in my event and my guests loved it!


Tenth: Have fun and enjoy your party! The most important tip is to enjoy yourself, after all it is your celebration, don’t sweat the small stuff trust me, it will only make you regret it later! So sit back and enjoy the moment.

Well lovelies that is all for today’s post hope this was a helpful post for you all. I hope you enjoyed the pictures! Untill next blog post lovelies have a great day!

-XOXO, SimplyEvahXO

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What is your favorite party theme?



  1. Sandra

    I cannot get over this party!! The way you decorated and all the colors and lights was so pretty. Very you I must say😍😘you need to plan something soon again!

    1. Eva

      Yes!! Thanks to you as well you helped me so much!!! I can’t wait to plan something else for the summer! Especially a bonfire or movie night !

  2. What a well-planned party!! It looks so great! I”m trying to plan my bday so I’m glad I remembered this post for ideas. Unfortunately I’m stuck at Step #1 haha 🙁 Thanks again for the tips Eva!

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