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Melrose Plaza Meets Sunset Bloulevard


Tea, yes, you, maybe.  Hope you all are having a wonderful Wednesday, I have spent my week catching up on emails, planning out my summer, and all that other grown up stuff. FUN FUN, I know. Well for today’s blog post lovelies I am sharing with you what I was up to on this past Sunday Funday, while I was in Los Angeles. I recently stumbled upon Alfred’s Tea Room and instantly feel in love. I knew I had to visit ASAP! Why? Well lovelies because one of my color obsessions is pink (blush pink). So when I saw the theme of this tea room, I thought to my self “YESSS GIRL YESSS!”




Alfred’s Tea Room recently opened it’s doors to the public (in May), my oh my all I have to say is well done Alfred well done! This place is so aesthetically pleasing, I mean take a look at these photos lovelies, how can you not agree? From the interior to the exterior of this tea room, everything is perfect. Perfect enough for a photo shoot of course.




Alfred’s Tea Room offers a wide array of tea’s to choose from. As their “Fancy Pink Tea List,” had black, green, fermented, white, oolong, and herbal teas. I mean can this place get any better, that’s right yes it can. You can also purchase teas to take home and make, souvenirs, and of course pastries. For my first visit here I decided to go with the rose tea which also had lavender, it was pure perfection in a cute pink cup.





Alfred’s Tea Room address is 705 N Alfred Street in Los Angeles California. It’s a one of a kind type of place, so if you lovelies plan to visit this area soon, make sure to stop by you won’t regret it TRUST ME! They are ready to serve you a cute cup of tea everyday from 9am to 6pm.



Next stop on this Sunday Funday, well The Bates Motel for the win! Melrose Plaza meets Sunset Boulevard, no doubt about it. I was very curious to visit this location in Los Angeles, because of the all white theme. After all white is also one of my color obsessions. This all white motel is also known as “ProjectionLA,” which was covered with lime wash and named by the artist Vincent Lamoureux. This place is known as The Bates Motel to locals because of its location on Bates Ave and Sunset Blvd.  It is known to locals to embody some of the same scary and weirdness from Psycho, a 1960 classic film. Interesting much? Exactly why I had to visit this place.



While a lot of visitors do decide to trespass, I decided on a pass through rather than a walk through. The creepiness of this motel is too real and I am the type of person who knows to runaway from something like this, instead of going in. Afterall I don’t want to become that character in  a scary movie that keeps going even though they known they shouldn’t, because it’s about to get all bad! Therefore, pictures along the closed off fence where just as good for me, as well as admiring this master piece from a distance.


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Well lovelies, hope you enjoyed reading about my Sunday Funday as much as I had actually experiencing it. I love visiting new locations, especially historical or meaningful locations. I encourage all of you lovelies to always try to visit a new location at least once a month, if not more! It’s so much fun, trust me. Well hope this post was inspiring or helped you all in some shape, way, or form. Until next blog post lovelies.

-XOXO, SimplyEvahXO

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What is one new place you want to visit this summer?

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