In a Cookie Cutter World Be Macarons


Hello lovelies and Happy Monday! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I had yet another amazing weekend, in Southern California. Spent my whole weekend with my lovely family, couldn’t have asked for a better start to my summer. I am very excited for today’s post because well I have a special blogger babe guest, keep reading to find out who!



In a cookie cutter world be a macaron, couldn’t say it better myself. What do I mean by this you lovelies may ask, well in a world full of bloggers I am learning to be a macaron. This meaning to follow and do what I love when it comes to blogging, because sometimes can get sucked into a cycle of following posts and trends of others. Blogging for the last 3 months and a half has taught me a lot about myself. This including my style is an evolving trait of mine, I’ve learned that I don’t necessarily go by trends I search for what bests fits my personality. Another thing I have learned about myself in this cookie cutter world is I love writing to help my followers out with fashion,    beauty, travel, lifestyle, and also fitness (which I hope to start blogging about soon).




This cookie cutter world has also taught me that if you find another macaron out their with similar interest as you, you are very lucky especially if they live not to far from you. This macaron being the one and only lovely Miss Michelle Sun, from Missmisschelle. I can not stress enough how much Michelle has helped me throughout my blogging career thus far. In this cookie cutter world, I am glad a found a macaron like me, because it helps eliminate intimidation of blogging and brings out the motivation of blogging. Michelle has helped me get to know otherbloggers in our area and answered any blogging questions I had. Aside from all that help, she has also taught me real friendships could be found in this cookie cutter world. Michelle herself has been about two years into blogging and is amazing at it. She is a all around blogger with a focus on lifestyle, so make sure to check her out here. Trust me lovelies, she might become your new blogger babe obession!




So what better way to be macarons than at a macaron shop! Umm yes of course not just any macaron shop, we had to be macarons at the one and only Ketsourine Macaron located in Daly City. Ketsourine Macaron has to be one of the many things Michelle and I share an obsession with. Literally though girl, Ketsourine Macaron obsession too strong! I mean how could we not love this place it is so aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, delicious, chic, and just too perfect! Want to read more about this gorgeous macaron shop check out my past blog post of them here, here, and here . Is it obvious now lovelies how obsessed I am with this place?



Outfit Details:

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Well lovelies hope that your Monday is as sweet as a macaron! Also hope you all enjoyed this blog post, we both had so much fun shooting for it. Enjoy your week lovelies, until next time. Also stay fabulous!

-XOXO, SimplyEvahXO

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  1. OMG this post was way too cute!!! :’) My heart feels officially warm and fuzzy, HAHA. Aww Eva thank you so much for being such an AMBITIOUS and KIND-HEARTED individual. For someone who started only a few months back, you have the power and magic to motivate and inspire others, including me. Keep doing what you do because I always look forward to reading your posts!!! 🙂

  2. This was such a cute post! I love the idea behind it too. I think it is so common for people to fall into the social norms, and it is so important to be different. Especially in the blogging world! That’s what sets people apart, and creates success. You always have the best photography too. Whenever I get off my tail and come to California, you are the first person I am going to find! Wonderful and inspiring as always!

    Ashlee Liz

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