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Yummy Yonkers (UYE)

DSC_0464Yummy Yonkers is such a perfect title for this blog post! It is a perfect fit for this blog post well because in this post I will be talking about a hidden gem in San Fransisco called Yonkers. I was able to discover this delicious and amazing sandwich café shop through a unoffical yelp event hosted by Missmisschelle (Blogger/Yelp Elite) and Aj (Yelp Elite). I truly and dearly thank both Aj and Michelle for coordinating this unofficial event, it was my first yelp event I had attended and I can’t wait until the next one. If it’s an event planned by Aj and Michelle, I can guarantee you I will be there! The overall ambiance as me and my partner entered this event was truly spectacular. I was a little nervous and hesitant of how this type of event would be. I thought will I feel awkward since I don’t know anyone or will I be the odd one out because I am new to Yelp. The answers NO. NO! NO! NOPE! NOT AT ALL! As soon as we walked in we were greeted, I was able to meet Michelle right away, she explained about the event and where to get what. I was so excited to meet her because well for those of you who aren’t aware she is an amazing blogger and now fiend. From the momment I met her I felt as if we already new eachother. I was able to mingle with new faces, that I hope to stay in contact with for future events and collaborations. I was also able to meet Aj for the first time as well, he was very genuine, down to earth, funny, and overall amazing! These two individuals are (sorry I am going to use a hashtag its necessary) #POWERCOUPLE. I am so glad I was able to sit with these two and get to know them a little. The event overall I rate a whole five stars, the food was great, people amazing, drinks perfection, location fanatstic, and ambiance beyond perfection!DSC_0477



As for what Yonkers offers, they offer a variety of sandwiches that we got to try for ourselves. Lets just say this is my go to sandwich shop in SF, that’s how BOMB their sandwiches are. They are a café with gourmet boars head deli and a beer and wine bar. Really, that’s all Yonkers! What more can we ask for, that’s right nothing! Beer, wine, and good food heaven in a café shop. For more information on Yonkers feel free to checkout their social media linked down below.



Desert anyone?? Umm I will take a full plate of these delicious cinnamon rolls any day. In the UYE Yonkers event we were also able to taste some delicious and gluten-free pastries from Berkich Baking. All I have to say to them is, where have you been my whole life!! I have been missing out on some amazing pasties, especially those cinnamon rolls. For any of you nutella lovers out there, please take a seat. Are you seated? Okay, now I can tell you.They have some nutella cinnamon rolls, yes you read that right NUTELLA CINNAMON ROLLS, need I say more? I do not think so.


Once again I want to thank both Michelle and Aj for creating this event and for the invitation, I truly had an amazing first experience. I think you two might have gotten me addicted to Yelp as well! I hope to see you both in future event and I am also excited to see what big moves you two will make! You both are amazing and very talented individuals. Well that is all for today’s blog post, hope you all enjoyed this Yummy Yonkers post. Remember if your ever in SF make sure to check out Yonkers. Enjoy your weekend lovelies, untill next blog post!

-XOXO, SimplyEvahXO

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  1. Awww thank you so much for your sweet blog post &a review of our event! Much appreciated! I loved meeting you and you were such a delight to meet 🙂 We definitely need to shoot together & grab aesthetically cute food when I’m less sick, haha! LOVE this blog post!!!!

    1. Eva

      I’m glad you loved it! I had an amazing time I had to brag a little bit hehe☺️😍 and yessss girl just say when! Ohhh and grab some ketsourine macarons 😋🙌🏼

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