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Jewelry Bean Meets Spring






     Jewelry Bean meets spring and should meet your jewelry box too. I am completely obsessed with this online boutique. They offer a variety of accessories, whether you’re the boho, arty, chic, classic, exotic, sophisticated, casual, or glam type of gal they will have something for you. One of the reasons I fell head over heels for this boutique was because they don’t sell for one type of gal they sell for all gals. Pssst did I mention their prices are insanely amazing for the quality of the pieces. I am amazed with the quality of the pieces I received from them. Ummm, discount? YES PLEASE! To make matters even better they offered my fellow readers and followers a special discount code (Eva20) to get 20% off your entire purchase. I encourage you lovely ladies to check this online boutique out for yourself, purchase a lovely piece, and then you’ll understanding why I am raving about it like crazy.





As for the pieces I was given, they were the Sparkle Flower Statement Necklace and Crystal Drop Earings. Like I said I am amazed at the quality of these pieces, I will definitely be purchasing from this online boutique. Jewelry Bean meets spring with bright statement necklaces, flower statement necklaces, pastel earings, the list goes on. Don’t waste time, in need of spring (summer) accessories go visit their online boutique. Oh pfft I forgot to mention the fact that they offer free shipping WORLDWIDE. Ummm BOOM, you just got informed about an online accessory boutique that not only offers a 20% off discount, but also FREE SHIPPING! SOLD SOLD &SOLD! Mind blown? Uhh yeah, so what are you waiting for head on over to Jewelry Bean. Well that is all for this blog post lovelies, hope you enjoyed, untill next blog post. Have a great day and remember always keep a positive attitude, because a positive attitude means a positive mind and a positive mind only attracts positive vibes.


-XOXO, SimplyEvahXO

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Make sure to check out Jewlery Beans’ online boutique (ilymix)

Make sure to use discount code “Eva20” to receive 20% of your entire purchase.

Follow them on Instagram JewelryBean, to stay updated on their latest arrivals.

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  1. I actually never heard of this brand, but it’s cool to discover new jewelry brands! 🙂 Get it with the layouts!!!

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