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              Looks like the tulip bunny has stopped by Dutch Hollow Farms and left many many different tulips for me to pick! Hello lovelies, hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I had an eventful, but fun one. For this blog post I wanted to share with you some fun and bright outfit ideas for Easter. That’s right EASTER, I feel like we just celebrated Valentine’s Day yesterday! Time flies, so stop and smell the flowers every once in a while. If you happen to be in the Central Valley, then you should stop, pick, and smell tulips in Dutch Hollow Farms. I fell in love with this lovely tulip farm; it’s like walking onto a beautiful tulip sea. I have already raved about it in my, All About The Midi’s &Blooms, blog post so make sure to check it out if you have not already done so. This farm offers an array of different tulips to purchase pre-cut or pick yourself. I decided this time I would go out onto the farm and pick them myself. Let me tell you, it was such a wonderful experience to look around for perfect gorgeous tulips. There were so many choices; I seriously wanted to pick every tulip to take home. The experience was very soothing, relaxing, and overall therapeutic for me. I was solely focused on picking blooms, that anything that was worrying me seemed to float away. It was just the blooms and I on that farm. From walking in the first time to this second time we went, the owners were very kind and greeted us right away. Overall a great experience, I would strongly recommend each and every one of you to stop by this beautiful tulip farm and pick out some from the farm for you, your mom, grandma, aunt, cousin, friend, or any loved one. Blooms can always brighten someone’s day, especially when they are picked out fresh from a farm, it doesn’t get any fresher than this!








Spring is officially here and the best way to showcase your bright and fun spring style is on Easter Day! So ladies bring out those bright pinks, reds, corals, or pastels. It’s that time of the year to incorporate fun colors and patterns. Each Easter I love to incorporate fun colors, prints, and flowy-ness. What I mean by flowy-ness (not a word I know I just made that up) is either wearing a dress or skirt that you can twirl around in. Flowy-ness screams EASTER to me, well screams SPRING and SUMMER, but you get the picture. Another thing I am a big fan of is accessorizing with hats! I love me some sun hats, any kind I am not picky. This is another item that just screams EASTER to me.






For my first Easter outfit idea I decided to wear black with a pop of hot pink. I know black is not very vibrant for spring, but I wanted the focus to be on the pop of color in my outfit. As for my top I decided to keep it simple with a black basic top from Charlotte Russe and for bottoms a bright pink high-waisted flowy skirt from Express (linked another one that’s perfect for spring here).  For shoes I decided on my Tory Burch Miller Sandals in black patent. For accessories I paired my outfit with Alex and Ani bracelets and my favorite Tory Burch logo studs. For my additional accessories I added bunny ears to make it Easter appropriate, but when I was not wearing them I wore a cute hat from Target.










For my second Easter outfit idea I decided to wear white with a pop of red/orange. I love how vibrant this outfit is, did I mention it was flowy? This outfit might aswell have EASTER written on it. As for my top I decided to wear a white portfolio button up from Express and for bottoms a bright red/orange high-waisted flowy skirt also from Express.  For shoes I wore my Tory Burch Miller Sandals in black patent once again. For accessories I did the same as the outfit before which is Alex and Ani bracelets and for earnings my favorite Tory Burch logo studs. For additional accessories I wore the same cute hat from Target and of course the bunny ears (I suggest picking up some bunny ears from target too, it’ll get you in the spirit).



Pssst I think I found the tulip bunnies at the farm (hence the picture above). Well, I hope you all enjoyed this Easter outfit inspiration post and hoped it helped you in some form. I had a fun time shooting for this post at Dutch Hollow Farms and like I said if you lovelies are from the area or plan on visiting soon, make sure to check it out and purchase some fresh blooms. I hope you all enjoy this week before Easter, make it a good one. Remember lovelies always find that ray of sunshine, even when it’s pouring rain. Happy Spring, Happy Monday, &Happy Day lovelies. Until next blog post.

-XOXO, SimplyEvahXO

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What are your plans for Easter? Outfit ideas?

Don’t celebrate it, what are your plans for this upcoming Sunday?

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