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The Luck of the Macarons






First and foremost Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone, whether you celebrate it or not you will want to continue reading this post trust me! If you guys haven’t found your pot of gold yet, I know exactly where you can find it, Ketsourine Macaron (Hint: the gold comes in the form of macarons YUM!) So I have talked about Ketsourine Macarons before briefly in my blog post Sea, Sweets &Surprises, but I wanted to go into a little more detail on how amazing this macaron shop is. I noticed that they had special St. Patrick’s Day macarons for this week, so what do I do? Call my best friend and we decide to take a trip to Daly City to get some Ketsourine Macarons of course! (Psst spontaneous trips with your bestie are always a good idea!)








      Ketsourine Macarons is by far my number one macaron shop in Northern California. They offer a variety of macarons with different flavors each week. Also I can’t forget that they have macaron ice cream, which I have yet to try. I am forsure ordering one next time I go. This place is literally a gem, a hidden one that should be found by every one. Whether you have tried macarons or not, I would encourage each and every one of you to stop by this macaron shop, you won’t regret it, I am pretty sure you’ll end up thanking me after actually. Can we also mention how friendly everyone is as soon as you walk in, it’s as if you’ve known everyone prior to walking in, they treat you like family. For the St. Patrick’s Day macarons they offer the following flavors: Lucky Charms (vanilla or strawberry) , Shamrock (with a pot of carmel filling), and Pistachio. Let me just say, I died a little when I took my first bite for each of the flavors, YES they were that GOOD. Of course, I didn’t take a bite of them right after I bought them! Come on guys I had to have a cute photo session with them! They are too cute not to, am I right? So if you guys can take a trip today to this macaron shop, I encourage you to do so, just follow the rainbow it’ll lead to Ketsourine Macaron. Well if you don’t see that rainbow then ask siri or google maps they’ll lead you right to the pot of gold, filled with delicious macarons. & that lovelies is what I call, “The Luck of the Macarons!” Hope you guys enjoyed this extra post for the week, I had fun working on these pictures and visiting Ketsourine Macaron! Until next time lovelies.

-XOXO, SimplyEvahXO

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Make sure to check out Ketsourine Macarons ( Link: KetsourineMacarons).

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  1. Ketsourine Macarons is literally the best! LOVE how they come out with new flavors all the time (:

    1. Eva

      Right!!! I’m addicted can’t wait for their Easter selection 🍥🍥😍

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