Sea, Sweets, &Suprises


                   Sea, sweets, and surprises are what my weekend consisted of. For our little getaway we went to our favorite B&B, The Oceanfront Inn formerly known as Landis Shores. We have been staying at this B&B since 2013; it is located in Half Moon Bay. Is it an ocean front inn? YES! The view is amazing; I’m a sucker for great views. The Oceanfront Inn, recently changed ownership so we were a little nervous about what changes the new owner could have made. The new owners were just as sweet as the previous ones and all looked almost the same, the things that did change were just improvements that were needed to be done. When we got to our room I had a gift waiting for me, what was it you ask? A Nikon D3200 starter pack with two lenses, to help me get better quality pictures for you guys! I am extremely grateful for this gift and feel very blessed. So now that I had this new camera with me and I was in the gorgeous town of Half Moon Bay, what do we do? Have a photo-shoot from our balcony of course!IMG_1780




We are still getting use to the new camera so many different pictures, but with practice, a couple classes, and time we will get better. The view from our balcony was amazing and the day we arrived was perfect. Perfect clear blue skies and gorgeous ocean waves. We settled in and decided to go north of highway 1 toward Daly City. We stopped near Montara Beach to get a good photo; the view was to unreal, but real! You can never go wrong with the Northern Coast of California.






                   While in Daly City we decided to try out a cute macaron shop called, Ketsourine Macarons. Lets just take a minute and admire how cute this place is from these few pictures I took! I am completely obsessed with Ketsourine Macarons the atmosphere was amazing; the staff was very friendly and helpful. We ordered cold brew iced coffee and of course some of their macarons. They offer a variety of signature and classic flavored macarons. Umm did I mention they have macaron ice cream, is this place heaven? Pretty much! They also offer a variety of hot and iced drinks. The macarons were delicious, the coffee perfection. This place is just amazing and you can get some pretty gorgeous pictures! I’ll definitely be going back to Ketsourine Macaron, very very soon.


          We then got back to our room in Half Moon Bay enjoyed some time together, watched the sunset, and got ready to have dinner at our favorite restaurant. Those who know us personally could probably guess what the restaurant is, Miramar. Miramar is right next door to The Oceanfront Inn, which was very convenient. Miramar offers a great view while dinning either indoor or outdoor. I have my usual now at Miramar, which are a bowl of clam chowder and a whole order of cheesy garlic bread. After dinner we walked back to our room and called it a good Saturday.





               Sunday morning came and we had a delicious freshly made breakfast, one of my many favorite things about staying at The Oceanfront Inn. Runil seemed very suspicious and antsy that morning. I thought it was odd, but just didn’t ask. He then said he had to go to the front to take our breakfast trays so he did. Moments later I hear a knock; it couldn’t be Runil he has the room key I thought. I opened the door slowly and to my surprise Runil was standing outside the room holding these beauties, with the cheesiest smile on his face. Pale Petals did an amazing job; I was left speechless all of my favorite colors in one gorgeous box. Runil, himself was impressed with how amazing they turned out. Trust me Runil is really picky with where he gets my flowers, how they do them, and who does them. Can’t complain though, because I am a sucker for beautiful flower arrangements. These are by far my favorite arangement of roses I have received.





(Outfit details: Purse: Tory Burch Small York Leather Buckle Tote in Light Oak, Sunglass: Ray-Ban Gold Avaitor Classics, Blouse: White with bow detailing neck tie from H&M, Slacks: in pastel pink from H&M, Heels: Jessica Simpson, Earings: Tory Burch Gold Studs).

           Later that afternoon, we decided to check out Sift Dessert Bar in San Francisco. Yet another cute place I fell in love with, the color scheme of this place was so me. Pastels, white, cute decor, delicious deserts…YES PLEASE! I enjoyed some macarons and cupcakes from Sift, which were delicious. After this we headed to have a late lunch at a Salvadorian Restaurant in Mission St. Unfortunately I didn’t get any shots there, but it was a great lunch to say the least. After this Runil had one last surprise for me. To find out what was my last surprise was check out my last blog post, So High.

-XOXO, SimplyEvahXO

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  1. OMG so much delicious food in one blog post, ahhh!!! Hehe I spy Ketsourine Macarons, my favorite macaron shop! 🙂 And your Pale Petals bouquet is beyond gorgeoussss. Have fun trying out the new camera and I cannot wait to see future pics!!! <3

    1. Eva

      Thank you for checking it out! It’s def a learning process, but I am loving it! Hope to one day be able to meet you doll, you’re an amazing blogger!!

  2. We see your blog is very powerfull to me. I hope that you can keep up the pretty work. can you please also visit my website ?

    1. Eva

      Thank you! It’s a start and hope to learn to only make better content! will def check it out!!

  3. What a beautiful area. Where is this located? I am going to San Fran this summer so I woudl like to explore a little more Northern Cali 🙂

    1. Eva

      It is we stayed in half moon bay 30 minutes from San Francisco! Half Moon Bay is right on highway one, which is the scenic ocean view highway. If you’d like I can make a list of places to visit in Northern California area for you and I’ll email it to you 🙂

  4. Mayra

    Beautiful post ! I loved it (: Thanks for sharing. I showed my husband the beautiful pictures and that might be our next getaway 😊

    1. Eva

      Yay! I am glad you loved it and yes you guys will def enjoy! If you have any more questions on places to go don’t hesitate to ask 😘💕

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