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                  It was a perfect sunset in the bay this past Sunday; my sweetheart (Runil) surprised me with a bay tour. I definitely was not expecting this at all, you know how sometimes, us girls, mention the craziest date ideas well I did just that a couple months back. Lets just say I said it knowing he wouldn’t dare, because well I am terrified of heights. The thought of not having both of my feet on solid ground just freaks me out. Well, I forgot about me mentioning this crazy idea and yesterday that crazy idea came back to haunt me! I was a nervous wreck the drive to the location, let me just add that I was blindfolded and had no idea what we were doing. So we finally arrive at the location and Runil tells me to take off my blindfold, I took it off and well lets just say I am pretty sure my blood pressure skyrocketed. If I was nervous on the way there with no idea what we were doing, just imagine how much more nervous I got at the sight of all these planes! We went on a Cessna 172 with 181 horsepower plane. We walked towards the one we would be flying which was nicknamed, “The Green Machine.” We got inside and were told to buckle up, put on the headsets, and well enjoy the sky! Once we took off and I got a glimpse of the marvelous aerial views, all my fears were gone and I was left in “awh.” The Bay and Northern California Coast are breathtaking from the ground, but an aerial view took my appreciation and love for this area to a whole other level. We couldn’t have asked for a better pilot, he gave us information about some of the most known sites in SF, smooth flying, great aerial views, information on flying, and even took us over Half Moon Bay (a place Runil and I hold dear to our hearts).  As we flew toward Half Moon Bay we went above the fog cloud and lets just say that view was even more breathtaking. The view gave me a feeling of piece and serenity. Was it a glimpse of heaven probably not, but a glimpse of what God is capable of creating YES! The tour was about an hour or maybe a little longer I honestly didn’t keep track of time, time was the last thing on my mind. As we came in for a landing, all the views, the experience, the surprise began to sink in (this really did happen). My fear of heights conquered thanks to Runil. Overall an amazing unforgettable experience, we will definitely be going back for a night tour!

-XOXO, SimplyEvahXO

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